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Truly great content is born through collaboration. We present to you, Capshot - a world where creativity has no bounds and everyone's ideas count.

Capshot is a mobile content platform for bite sized humor and entertainment, built for mischief and laughs where anyone could go viral! We aim to put a new spin on sharing content with friends and followers, so stay tuned, Capshot is on its way.



Capshot has gone through multiple conceptual iterations, including usability testing with real world end users until it evolved into something we found 'juuust right'.

Development on Capshot is in full swing here at Dirtcube with both, Android, and iOS versions of the app being built simultaneously.

What Lies Ahead

We are working hard in order to deliver the best possible Capshot experience to our users. With each step forward, we will keep posting updates about our journey all the way until launch. 


Join The Journey!

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