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Since the PAWn of time, Hoomans have been under the misconception that they can own Cats as pets. Smothering them with 'affection' and 'love' and...cute costumes...

But NO MORE. Not meow, not EVER again. HitKat has taken up arms against Hoomanity and is on a One Cat Mission to eradicate the planet of all hoomankind, leaving 



Rainbow Riders is in its final stage of development. We have completed all the gameplay, most of the accessory features, and are now focusing on polishing for an aesthetic and immersive experience for our players.

What Lies Ahead

Rainbow Riders is our very first venture into mobile games. Once we have achieved a high enough level of polish, we will be approaching game publishers in order to carry out a successful launch. We aim to follow through with a soft launch before the end of this year, and a global launch early next year.


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