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Lead Game Developer

What is Dirtcube?


Dirtcube Interactive LLP is a digital entertainment and interactive media startup located in the Mumbai area. We are a studio with one goal in mind - build products that engage, immerse and entertain. Since our founding, we have built up a team of passionate individuals and laid the groundwork for expertise in mobile gaming and social media applications. Our core focus currently lies in hypercasual games, and our flagship social media app Capshot, which is a social platform for memes and bite sized entertainment.


On the gaming front we are currently working closely as partners of multiple international publishers which was made possible due to our focus on quality, challenging and unique game mechanics. It is now time for us to expand our games team and add another highly driven and talented member to the Dirtcube family!


What you will do?

Tech Innovation & Leadership

Work on and lead research and development of new and technologically complex game mechanics for casual and hypercasual games. Work closely with our art team to find optimal solutions for mobile optimised visuals and graphics


Result Oriented Development

Understand the big picture and use any technique necessary to find the most time efficient solution for a given task, while maintaining the integrity of quality. Fail but fail fast - be able to use the process of elimination to arrive at optimal solutions for a game mechanic.


Project Leadership

Lead and mentor less experienced developers to bring games to life! Work closely with game designers to realize every game’s full vision.


You should apply if you have:

  • 5+ years of professional game development experience with 1+ years in a team lead role

  • Strong competencies in software design, architecture

  • Minimum 4+ years of game development experience with Unity

  • Expert programming skills in C#

  • Strong practical experience with mobile development, debugging, profiling and optimization

  • Broad knowledge of game architectures, programming patterns and technologies

  • Experience with multiplayer games and networking in Unity

  • A passion for playing games of any and all genres!


We’d love if you have:

  • Good knowledge of Clean Code and SOLID principles

  • Working understanding of DOTS in Unity

  • Experience with computer graphics programming and shader development (NOT Shadergraph) using Shaderlab and/or HLSL


Life at Dirtcube

Working at Dirtcube would instantly make you realize one thing - you are working with a group of individuals who add a little part of themselves to every project, every game. We encourage every person to take ownership of the games they work on and refuse to limit creativity. An idea can come from anywhere, from anyone.


Real talk: pushing oneself comes with the role and should be expected in order to grow. Members of Dirtcube have a constant thirst to learn skills not just within their roles, but across disciplines. We believe in creating a work environment that makes everyone feel that they have skin in the game and provide individuals with a sense of belonging.


We do not believe in ‘work timings’ because we do not use ‘hours spent’ as a metric for calculating productivity. Our focus lies on the results and the actual tangible work produced. Job designations are in name only - every member of Dirtcube operates at a capacity that sometimes cannot be described in a single word, and contributes their talents across roles.


We strive to make working at Dirtcube a unique, enjoyable and sometimes eccentric experience. After all, what fun is it to stay within a box? If you feel at home reading this, get in touch!

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