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Choosing a Dedicated Outsource Partner for Mobile Game Development

It is critical to identify the challenges of developing a mobile game right at the beginning of your journey, in order to optimise time, resources and ensure the viability of your offering.

There are potential roadblocks at every stage of the game development process such as analysing the viability of the project, estimating the amount of content that is right for the game, usability issues, implementing efficient monetization strategies, user security concerns, and building a game that encourages users to come back again and again.

It is extremely vital to identify where your expertise lies, so that you can focus on that, while getting experienced people on board, who can help you develop your mobile game more efficiently.

Setting up a team to build a mobile game is not easy and if your work is halfway done by approaching the right outsource company, then it could be worth considering as the right strategy for your business.

Is Game Development outsourcing the right choice for your business?

Anyone who has dreamt of building a mobile game played by millions around the world would understand the headrush that comes when you feel you have a solid game idea that you can’t wait to see come to life. Before you dive into building your mobile game, it is essential to understand what it would take to launch a successful title. Putting together a team to build the project is a potential path, but that has its own challenges. Recruiting experienced, talented team members is difficult as well as expensive — so it could be beneficial to find an outsource partner that can help you overcome some of the challenges we mentioned earlier.

Experience in game prototyping, marketability testing, 2D/3D Art, UI/UX, end-end game design and development, backend support development are just some of the areas in which a game development outsource company could potentially help you reach your goal more efficiently.

4 Key Reasons the right Game Development Outsource Partner would benefit you

  1. Time and cost-effective approach that could allow you to invest more efficiently in your company

Building a mobile game is expensive. Investing in human resources, a workspace, computers and training for your team can lead to high upfront costs and reduce the resources needed to overcome other hurdles that can arise in running a business. A game development outsource company would have designers, developers, producers and artists already on board which will help save the time of putting together a comparable team.

By hiring a development team, they take full responsibility for the end-to-end development of your game. By collaborating with experienced professionals, the financial resources that would be needed while hiring, training and salaries would be better utilised. It would also allow you to be assured of the delivery of the project in a reasonable time frame, saving ongoing costs of running a team during the project development.

2. Project Viability and Marketability Testing

One of the most crucial steps in building a mobile game is making sure your idea is viable and marketable. Very often game development studios reach the middle of the project after investing a lot of time and resources, only to realise hurdles that they had not factored in. Having access to a team of professionals who have done this multiple times before becomes invaluable in such cases, because these technological hurdles would be identified at the onset.

Studios may spend a year building a project, only to realise the game is not marketable or is very expensive to market efficiently. Outsourcing companies, who have experience building their own games can be very useful to a studio who wants to market test the idea before diving in. Approaching a project in this manner requires quick prototyping, video making skills, as well as expertise in user acquisition and analytics. Any quality game outsourcing company will be able to run your idea through these steps in an optimal manner. You will be able to save time and money before you have even kickstarted the development process.

3. Work with Professionals

Building a mobile game requires multiple skill sets. Most games would require game designers, developers, artists, marketing and advertising professionals and project managers. Outsourcing companies have this structure in place, and have experience implementing the pipeline effectively.

You should analyse if the outsourcing studio that you are evaluating, understands your game’s vision, and has the necessary skill sets to execute the project. These skills then become part of your agreement with the company and increase your chances of succeeding.

4. Launch Effectively

An outsourcing company promising end-to-end mobile game expertise, should also be able to help you prepare for launch effectively. Marketing strategy and expertise in the tools needed to market a game is essential. From ad video producers to ad platform professionals, launching a mobile game requires skill and experience always helps. Understanding the target market for the game is crucial, so companies which have industry exposure and understanding can help you approach the launch process in a more structured manner.

Working with Dirtcube Interactive

At Dirtcube Interactive, we help you test the viability of your game before you invest, so that you have the comfort of knowing you are on the right track. We also help you enlarge your team immediately with the right resources — be that game designers, engineers or artists so that you can begin production without wasting too much time.

The Dirtcube team offers professional support at all phases of the game development life cycle — from quick prototyping to game art, development, design and post-release support. We also can help you if there are certain challenges your team faces with building complex mechanics.

Core strengths of Dirtcube Interactive

We believe that the best talent is essential in order to produce world-class games. We want to be able to add tremendous value to our clients, without becoming a huge cost burden to them. Some of our core competencies are listed below.

  • End-to-End Mobile Game Development

  • Game & Level Design Solutions

  • Game Economy Design

  • 2D/3D Art

  • QA Testing

  • Game Economy Design

  • Game Viability and Marketability Testing

  • Post-release support

Let us help you make your gaming dream come to life.

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